How To Delete Facebook Account

February 25, 2018 By admin

How To Delete Facebook Account

Permanently Deactivate Your Facebook Account

Deactivation of your Facebook account is not that typical as you think. It is very simple procedure; you just have to follow some simple steps to deactivate your account. Here we have provided you step by step guide with pictures on how to delete Facebook account. We hope this guide will definitely help you to deactivate your Facebook account.

You have to follow these easy steps, let’s start

First of all, you have to Login to your Facebook account and then 1st click the rightmost corner of your Facebook portal. A window popup which will show your page, Ads, Activity etc, you have to 2nd click on the SETTINGS which is second last & above the Logout option on that popup.


deactivate Facebook your account


Now it will redirect you to another page then you will see the General Account Settings on the 3rd as we have mentioned. Here on the 4th option, Facebook asks you to download a copy of your data which you have shared, uploaded on the Facebook. Then click on the Manage Account option that is the 5th option of our guide, it will redirect you to another page.




Now on this page, you see Manage account detailed page you have to click on the 6th option that is Deactivate your account. It will further redirect you to another page.




On the 7th option, you see Facebook is asking you the reason for leaving, it also has provided some common reason from which you can select and 8th if you have any other reason than you can click on the other option and provide a suitable reason.




Then on the 9th option, it’s asking permission to provide you future updates of your groups on your device after deactivation of your account. On the 10th option, it’s asking to permanently delete all application for which you the only developer for the platform. Like if you have created an application for created page and linked it to any website, it will also delete or not or transfer to another account.


Now click on the last 11th option which is last option to Deactivate your account. After clicking on that a popup will open and ask you to fill a captcha code and click.







Now your account is deactivated permanently. You are not able to login to your Facebook account for that particular ID which you have deactivated. This is all about the simple process of How to deactivate your Facebook account.

If you find this all complicated then here is a link to directly delete/deactivate your Facebook account. It will work after you login to your account.

Click this link to deactivate your account now! #Deactivate

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