How to Increase Your Website Traffic

February 20, 2018 By admin

How to Increase Your Website Traffic

Website Traffic: The Ultimate Guide

How To Increase Your Website Traffic?

It is a most popular search on every search engine – How to increase your website traffic. Actually, we are in a race on which we would like to come first. And in this race, we forgot the basics which we have to implement at every stage.

In this post, we mainly discuss on how to increase traffic on blog/ informative website/ niche websites who specialize in something and continue to provide updates on that particular niche, it may be not suitable for e-commerce or other kinds of websites. But it will cover the majority of issues related how to increase traffic on a website.

So let’s tie up your seat belts for the Web Traffic Strategy Safari and learn The Ultimate Guide – how to increase your website traffic.

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Main Contents:

  • Research
  • Content
  • Headings
  • Drafting & Page Linking
  • Analysis & Tools
  • On Page SEO
  • Off Page SEO
  • Patience
  • Success


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Doing research before starting any work is the key to success because when you plan to start a work, you have to research on that for better results. It’s not a complicated thing but you have to consider many things in Internet world to grow yourself, like:

  • What is your topic/niche: On which you would like to work or having expertise. You have to consider the market of that topic/niche,  how much people are searching for that on the web, how much knowledge you can provide to them because that decide your audience behavior. Means how much time they spend on your website or how much they like your work.
  • On the web, there are many tools available who will guide you to select a niche and also help you to see the future of that. If you would like to write about Health Tips, Fitness, Yoga then finds about them on Google, how many blogs or websites are there, what they are providing, what is different you have to serve them, which makes your website to attract the audience.
  • After selecting you to have to research or select the best Domain registering company to register your niche or website name. Then select the best hosting company who will help you to maintain well your website.
  • Do research on keywords related to the topic, how people’s are searching for the particular topic, where is your website rank on that topic. Improve your details, keywords, promote your self on different platforms.
  • Design your website which is user-friendly- opens on all platforms and also easy to use.

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  • Writing content about any topic is the main thing to explain the whole matter. Because people want to read the details, reviews, problem conclusions etc.
  • But writing content isn’t only the way to express details, these days infographics, videos, audios also having nice popularity.
  • Research about the topic on which you are going to produce the post, about what people’s are searching, what they wanting to see, what is in trend, what is not available on the web, what is missing. Read others post to analysis and refine your post to provide more detailed knowledge to the audience.
  •  Put some pictures, related videos & link to other helpful post related to that article. These things engage your audience to read more.
  • Always write your own content, because the genuine content is the master who rules. Nobody will beat you if you provide genuine content and to the topic content, which helps the audience to gain knowledge and your website traffic will definitely increase. People want genuine content which is different from other not copied which they have already read.
  • Content also improves your search result and makes you no. 1 on the web result, which provides you the genuine regular traffic.
  • Also, write some unique things which aren’t present and influences the audience. Like mobile phone lakhs of people are writing about their features, accessories, pro, cons but nobody isn’t writing about their future, what will be the value of that mobile after six months. Think different but to the topic.
  • Do not use abuse, vulgar, adult content because it will harm your rank, presence, and reputation on the web.
  • Use good words, headings, subheadings, nice title and a handsome length content, which is enough for that particular topic.
  • Write SEO friendly content, which is easy to rank on search engines.

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  • No one loves running into a mass of content.
  • Great arranging of your substance enhances the client experience of your site enormously. It makes per users all the more eager to invest energy to peruse your substance and return for additional, which will at last flag your importance to web indexes.
  • Legitimate utilization of header labels can help separate your substance into areas that are less demanding to peruse and use.
  • It’s anything but difficult to embed header labels in WordPress to enhance client encounter and enhance SEO ranking of your site.
  • Web indexes additionally rate catchphrases in header labels all the more vigorously. By incorporating applicable terms in your header labels, you are additionally boosting your SEO ranking against those catchphrases.

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Drafting & Page Linking

  • Drafting your website is also the main pillar of your web traffic increaser and website development. It presents your website in a systematical way by which user can spend more time.
  • This is also useful for giving directions to the readers/users, because if they don’t spend more time the bounce rate of your website will increase.
  • The audience is main for any website if you draft your website user-friendly. So they don’t feel any problem to surf your website.
  • Link one post to another related post, so the user can read and get more details about a particular topic from your website and don’t switch your website. Because all users want every information in one place they don’t want to switch one from another, it saves time.
  • Make at least 2 to 3 related post to increase your watch time.


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Analysis & Tools

  • Analyse your website regularly and also post to remove errors from them.
  • Analyse the whole website like plugins, pages, post, the user interaction to improve your website ranking on search engine, which will help you to improve your website traffic.
  • This is done in many ways by manually and using the tools.Google analytics
  • There are numbers of tools present in the market to see your website performance, error, and solutions. We recommend you to use the Google Webmaster Tools which will give you the whole analysis of your website and also suggest, how you can improve them.
  • For analyzing your website traffic you can use Google Analytics which will provide you in-depth details of visitors.
  • To see which are the trending topics related to your niche you can your Google Trends to find the topic related to your website.
  • One more most effective tool which will help you to rank on the search engine’s is Google Adwords. It is the ultimate solution for keywords which shows the brief result about the keywords like, which are trending, which are most popular, which are having more searches etc.
  • Removing error from your website is also necessary to enhance the user experience. By which user isn’t face any problem.

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On Page SEOon page seo

  • It is the second most important pillar of a website, which helps a website to increase traffic.
  • On Page SEO is done by many ways by manually or by using the plugins like All In One SEO and Yoast SEO etc.
  • These kinds of plugins help you to improve your On-Page SEO by which user can find your website easily and also crawlers easily crawl your website.
  • It is necessary to do without it, you can not rank your website on a search engine and no traffic will come to your website.
  • In this, you have to submit sitemap which is generated by the plugin or you can also generate from other sources present on the web and upload it to the webmaster to analyze your website.
  • Robot.txt is also important which gives instructions about their site to web robots. It is a standard used by websites to communicate with web crawlers and other web robots.
  • Title & Meta Tags are used for to show better results on searching and also for showing a user that this is the topic which is he/she searching.
  • Image Optimization is also necessary to increase your website loading time, so the user can’t be frustrated and stay on your website.
  • Use Alt Tags: The Alt attribute provides alternative information for an image if a user for some reason cannot view it.

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Off Page SEOsocial bookmarking

  • It is the third most important pillar of a website to gain traffic.
  • First thing first promote your website everywhere like on social media- Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Pinterest, Google plus etc, which will help you to gain more traffic directly.
  • Make Dofollow Backlinks of your posts on different high DA-PA websites which also help you to rank your website on search engines and gain more traffic to your website.
  • Post on others website as a guest and pin you website post link there, like Also read in details here etc. Especially post on high profile websites who are having tons of traffic daily, if you get a little form them, that is more than sufficient for you.
  • Share your post with your similar ones, because everyone needs the audience.
  • Do comments on the related post of others, do not post your link directly ask them for permission.
  • Article submission is also an important factor which increases footfall on your website.

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Patienceincrease traffic to your website

Be patient because getting traffic isn’t a rocket science. You have to wait and analyze for at least 90 days if you are a newbie. Then you can think about other things like buying traffic, buying links etc. Here are some more things which you have to consider for increasing traffic on your website:

  • Post regularly
  • Update your website & tools/plugins
  • Analyze the behavior of your audience
  • Reply to your audience comments
  • Interact with them with the help of social media

Successhow to increase your website traffic

Now you are Booming in your field and you are having huge traffic on your website. After all this ultimate guide, you do not need to search How to increase your website traffic. I hope you like your success and do right effort for that. With this simple knowledge, you can earn a good regular audience which helps to reach your all goals.


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