Google Tasks App – Makes it easier to get stuff done

May 16, 2018 By admin

Google Tasks App – Makes it easier to get stuff done

Google Tasks

Google launched a new to-do list app to supplement Gmail’s new productivity features, called Google Tasks, the app integrates with your Gmail inbox to make managing your to-do list easier.

The Google Tasks, which is available for iOS and Android, is deceptively simple: you can create lists of to-do items and check them off once they’re completed. But the real power of the service is when you use it directly from your inbox. With the new Gmail design, you can opt to add something to your tasks without ever navigating away from the message.


tasks app



The task list appears in a sidebar to the right of your email to managing them easily. From there, you can add extra details, like dates and sub-tasks.

Unfortunately, you can’t add times or use more advanced features, like priority ranking, common in other apps. (It’s likely Google plans to add more features over time, though.)

But, despite its flaws, the Tasks app has a powerful thing going for it: it’s at fingertips every time you read your email. And that already makes it much easier to ensure your most important items get on your list in the first place.

Some more…

Here are some more sort of notifications on the mobile apps, but since Google Tasks won’t let you assign times or due dates, there’s no real way to control when they pop up (I’m honestly still not entirely sure what I did to have the one that managed to show up appear in the first place).

The Google Reminders still exists! And with features that Tasks doesn’t have, like scheduling specific times and recurring tasks. But you can’t even use that to fill in the gaps that Tasks leaves, because Google won’t let you use both at the same time, either — you have to manually toggle between Tasks and Reminders, which feels like a baffling step backward.

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