Google Clips: A smart camera with Artificial Intelligence

May 12, 2018 By admin

Google Clips: A smart camera with Artificial Intelligence

Google Clips

Google clips AI-powered Smart Camera, Google has launched it in the month of January, revealing improved functionality around Clips’ ability to automatically capture specific moments — like hugs, kisses, jumps and dance moves. Document your all special private moments with Google Clips.

The Google Clips proves the artificial intelligence concept as applied to the world of photography rather than a breakthrough consumer device.


We all know that kids are careless with gadgets, so it’s a good thing Clips is pretty durable. It survived a few falls during testing, thanks to its sturdy build and the Gorilla Glass 3 covering its lens.

The camera gets on by twisting the lens, and one of three white LEDs blinks to indicate it’s watching. When it’s AI thinks something interesting is happening, it’ll capture a seven-second burst of video. There’s also a shutter button you can press to take a shot, but the idea is that you shouldn’t have to use it often. Google’s built-in AI is supposed to be smart enough to recognize scenes that are exciting.

Google also includes a sturdy clip case that doubles as a stand. This will attach the camera to the back of a chair or your poly bag or set it on an uneven surface to get more angles.

The most amazing thing about clips is, it’s a small technology which can view things captured through a camera lens and determine the interesting bits.

google pics

The AI

Google Clips AI artificial intelligence capture your pretty moments and the photos are automatically uploaded to the cloud or made public — they are not. They are also saved to the camera’s 16 GB of onboard storage and can be reviewed later with your phone, where you can then choose to keep them, share them or delete them.

That with the end goal for us to completely appreciate a minute, we need to catch it. What’s more, since a few minutes are so hard to catch, we invest excessively energy with telephone close by, rather than really living our lives — like playing with our children or tossing the ball for the puppy, for instance. Furthermore, that the main answer to this issue is more technology. Not simply putting the damn telephone down.

What likewise incenses me is the more extensive thought behind Clips that all our valuable minutes must be shot or spared as recordings. They don’t. Some are intended to be transient. Some are intended to be recollections. In total, our hearts and psyches count up all these little life minutes — an embrace, a kiss, a grin — and after that transform them into emotions. Bonds. Love.  It’s alright to miss catching each and every one.


An update this week that introduces family pairing, letting you pass the cam to another member of the household to view and share your creations.

Note it’s available on sale for $199.

Video By: Google


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