Amazon Echo Spot with circular display(2.5-inch)

April 25, 2018 By admin

Amazon Echo Spot with circular display(2.5-inch)

Amazon Echo Spot

Amazon has recently introduced Alexa-enabled “Amazon Echo Spot” smart 2.5-inch speaker with a camera that can also use for video calls, weather updates, watching videos & many more.

Alexa-enabled Amazon Echo Spot is standing step up due to its screen factor. No other smart echo device comes with this small screen size, featured video streaming feature. It looks dynamic, simple small round size screen 2.5-inch in diameter. The volume control buttons and Mic/Camera mute button that are present on top, behind the display. Power port and a 3.5mm audio jack are present in the rear bottom side of the speaker, that can be used for connecting another speaker to the Echo Spot. The Amazon Echo Spot also has 4 far-field microphones with beamforming technology which enhanced noise cancellation. This will pick up a user’s voice commands from afar.





This Amazon Echo Spot speaker comes with all required features which are present in other smart speakers. Its design is so good looks like a softball.

You can easily operate it by Alexa app which is present in both platform Android and iOS. Also, you can make video calls with another person who is using Alexa app. Apart from video calling the Echo Spot can do everything that the existing Echo speakers can like playing music voice response etc. It also shows you movie trailers, recipes while doing working in the kitchen and it will not take so much space, gives you clear audio output.

You could also use it for setting timers and alarms or asking questions about the weather, news, it’s will nicely show you the answer as well as you hear it. There is a lot of other smart speaker are present in the market. But if you like buy the Amazon Echo Spot then it would be a good option for you.


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